Not a fan of the cold

A lot of people look forward to winter! Some people don’t like the heat & care about cooler temperatures.

  • Other people care about snow falling & longer days.

There are some people that just like the changing seasons. I have never been a fan of Winter time because I do not like the cold. I need sun & warmth to be happy. Winter time just doesn’t offer either of those things. While I can enjoy a beautiful snowfall, I would much rather have a warm sunny day. The only thing that helps me get through Winter time is the warmth of my gas furnace. I had my current gas furnace installed by an HVAC worker last Winter time. The furnace keeps my house toasty warm. My heating bills are good, & I am never freezing or even cold in my home, even when it’s below 0 outside. My furnace is quiet & while I can’t hear it running, I always know it’s on. When the snow & rain are falling down, you can find me in my home curled up with my dog & a superb book. I like the snow, but only from my window. I’m not one for snowball fights, hockey, or Winter time walks, but thanks to my HVAC proposal I am able to make it through the Winter time without feeling uncomfortable. When I close my eyes in my warm lake current home I can almost imagine being at the beach. My heating proposal may not be the same as the sunshine at the beach, but since I live in a section where Winter time lasts for 4 weeks, it’s my saving grace.


HVAC serviceman