Not all thermostats are the same

When I had my routine seasonal check-up for the HVAC system, the service technician warned me about buying “knock-off” control equipment online.

He told me that there was no shortage of online sellers that would offer their own version of thermostats, window A/C units, and more – but these were poor investments, as they were cheaply made and often broke within a week of use. While I listened when the HVAC service technician told me this, I could not resist the temptation of a cheap smart thermostat! Since brand-name smart thermostats can cost hundreds of dollars to buy, and even more to install, it seemed like a steal to get a “smart thermostat” at a fraction of the cost. When the smart thermostat finally arrived in the mail several weeks later, I began to see what the service technician was talking about. Aside from the fact that the box had absolutely no english text anywhere describing how to install the smart thermostat, the actual device inside the box felt very light – as if there was nothing inside of it. When I looked up a video online showing how to install a smart thermostat, I found that this device had none of the connections shown in the video. In fact, this device had virtually no indication of even being a digital thermostat! I was pretty steamed about this, since I had still paid just under one-hundred dollars for this equipment. When I reached out to the seller online, I was told that they had a strict policy regarding all sales being final. I felt like a fool, but I definitely learned my lesson. Thermostats are just one of those things that you don’t want to be cheap!


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