Not cheerful about absolutely working in the middle of the evening

I just wanted to get back to bed though

I was so mad when my sibling called me at 3 in the morning. He was freaking out plus I had to get a cup of Tim Hortons Latte so that I could wake up. He was telling me that his air conditioning method quit absolutely working in the middle of the evening. I told him he should call for Heating & A/C emergency services, although he pointed out that I was an Heating & A/C worker. Sure, I am an Heating & A/C worker, but I shouldn’t have to go job on Heating & A/C systems on my day off! I seriously don’t even prefer absolutely working while I was in Heating & A/C emergency hours, even though the spend my money is better. However, with my sibling calling me, he expected me to service his Heating & A/C in the middle of the evening without any additional compensation. He said he would make it up to me, however somehow I doubted he would live up to his word. I did end up going to his house, but I was unquestionably frustrated, plus I made sure he knew it too. When I got his Heating & A/C method absolutely working again, he was so grateful, plus he absolutely did spend my money me a little extra currency. I just wanted to get back to bed though. I told him sternly though to make sure to get his correct Heating & A/C service so this genre of situation never happens again. I said if he skipped out on his Heating & A/C method service, I wasn’t going to be there to help him out while I was in the middle of the evening again. He laughed plus said I didn’t mean that, however I’m dead serious.

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