Not happy with air conditioner repair

I’ve recently learned that choosing the first HVAC contractor that pops up on a Google search is not the best plan.

When my air conditioner malfunctioned, I wanted to get the system repaired as quickly as possible.

The outside temperature was 86 degrees with excessively high humidity. There was absolutely no breeze, and the house quickly became overheated and sticky. I went online, searched for air conditioner repair in my area and scheduled an appointment with the first company listed. They promised to show up the following day between nine in the morning and four o’clock in the afternoon. We suffered a very uncomfortable night, and I took the next day off from work to meet the repairman. He showed up at seven o’clock in the morning. I woke up to the sound of somebody pounding on my door. I was wearing my pajamas and had not yet brushed my teeth when I let the HVAC contractor into the house. I wasn’t happy that the technician wasn’t wearing a uniform, offered no form of identification and took no precautions to avoid causing a mess. He didn’t remove his shoes or put protective booties over top. He tracked dirt through the home and wasn’t careful about wear he set his tools. He made multiple trips between his truck and the cooling equipment, leaving a trail of dirt every single time. He replaced several parts within the cooling system and left the broken parts for me to dispose of. Before he left, I insisted we try out the air conditioner and the system wouldn’t even start up. He then took the cooling unit back apart and spent another half hour working on it. Although he eventually fixed the air conditioner, I wasn’t happy with the level of service.



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