Now that I’m toiling from home, I spend on Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance rather than auto

My goal leaving university was to land some kind of remote work in the next more than four years.

I consistently saw myself happier in the future if I could cut from this rut of toiling in offices with annoying coworkers and micromanaging managers.

First off, I realize that being able to make a living inside an air conditioned office is a giant first-world privilege that many yellow collar works living alongside me in my apartment complex are not lucky to have. I entirely shouldn’t be complaining if I’m not breaking my back doing manual work for 10 hours each afternoon in 100 degree weather. But with my general anxiety problems, toiling in tightly packed office spaces can be strenuous to deal with afternoon after afternoon. Small annoyances enjoy someone clicking their pen can ruin your afternoon; after hearing it for the millionth time, you desperately try to focus and pay attention to no avail. I also had to spend a lot of currency on gas and auto maintenance because I had a 45 minute commute. That’s an hour and a half on the road everyday just going to and from work, let alone any trips to grocery stores or pharmacies. Now that I’m toiling from beach house exclusively, I can take joy in rarely using my car, but it comes at the cost of running the air conditioning more often. Although the vehicle expenses were worse, it’s still not cheap or simple to afford regular Heating and Air Conditioning inspections, air filters, and any sudden repairs. I prefer this scenario opposed to the alternative, but it’s still tscheme that I pay a hefty price for Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance now that I’m toiling at beach house all afternoon.


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