Now, where did I put that manual?

My husband wanted to see the manual for the furnace.

He couldn’t remember when we had it installed, and he knew we had the date and all the paperwork inside the manual.

I couldn’t remember his ever giving me the manual and that is what I told him. He wasn’t happy with my answer. He threw his hands up in the air and told me I didn’t remember much of anything anymore, except for my own work. I couldn’t believe he got so upset over my not knowing where the manual to the furnace was when he didn’t even know. I started going through my filing cabinet. I had the manuals for every appliance we had bought since moving into our home almost twenty years previously. I came up with warranties for appliances, both big and small, that we no longer owned. I had for the air conditioning unit, humidifier, dehumidifier, and air purifiers. I was not finding a manual, or any other information, on the furnace. I even went through the junk drawers and where I keep my cookbooks. I came up empty-handed. I yelled downstairs and told him that this loss was on him because I did not have the furnace manual. He told me to forget it, but he sounded a bit odd. I went downstairs to see him thumbing through the manual. I looked over to see the small cupboard that was near the furnace and I laughed. I knew he had stuck it somewhere in the basement. He looked a bit sheepish and admitted he had forgotten he put it there close to the furnace.



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