Okay, Yoga Time and Then Some Relaxing Meditation

I’ve been doing yoga seven days a week for the past decade and it has changed my life for the better.

I am so flexible now that I hardly ever have pain or sustain injuries.

I’ve been playing beach volleyball for 30 years now and my body is still holding up quite well. I think meditation is also good for the body because it helps keep the body more relaxed by keeping the mind more relaxed. I even have present moment symbols tattooed on the back of my hands, gently reminding me to come back to the present moment. I’m cleaning my ducts and filters today so I must be very present so I don’t risk getting injured. Many of my injuries have come from being distracted with thought so I made it a priority to not be lost in thought so much as I go through my days, especially when handling sharp objects. I have a good HVAC tech, who could come out and do my cleaning for me, but I prefer to do it myself as I am also a licensed and certified HVAC specialist. I think if they are slow though I may end up having them do it because I like to help people who are in need. Maybe it’s better for my shoulders not reaching overhead trying to take ducts apart or repairing them. I think the local business is very slow during the winters so I think I’ll go down there and ask if they want to do my HVAC system cleaning sometime soon.

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