On a hill

On a hill is where my parents used to live.

They were gastronomists and loved making me guess what was in my food.

It was not a game I used to play. I would turn the heater all the way up as a prank. They’d think it was broken and call the old HVAC technician to come and check out our equipment. Once again I’d try to dupe the HVAC technician, but it was no use. The HVAC technician was totally duped. We loved rolling down hills. We would climb all the way to the top with our arms outstretched, ready to play. The air conditioning would be blowing inside so we knew we could get hot and sweaty because home was so close by. Every time we tried to roll down the hill we would run and race each other to the air conditioning. Each time I would win because I was the fastest. Now my parents live at the beach. We would go out to the shore when we went to visit them. Funny enough, last time the same HVAC technician ws there. He had changed HVAC providers as well as my family. What a coincidence! I love finding out new facts about how our HVAC really works. The HVAC technician from my childhood is a really nice guy. He helped us with the installation of our new heating and cooling system when we moved into our new place. Now we love having our new ductless HVAC system and we use it each and every day! Thank you!


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