On the market again

Who knows though

A lot of ladies tend to cry, eat and watch romantic comedies when they get dumped. I get into gear, get angry, and get focused. My girl of 3 years just left me. Sure, I cried a bit, however only for a little bit. I have a game plan on how I am going to find a much better girl for me, however first thing I am going to do is try to work on getting myself back into shape… Best way to get more male interest is to look very good. There is a personal training center right in our town. I myself have already have signed up for a group fitness class and another semi-private fitness training class. I am going to start the program only several times a month and then see if I work our way up. I have already chatted with our personal trainer on our goals a few times. My main goal is to look superb in a swimsuit. For all of that to happen I need to tone up our belly, tighten up our legs and get some real definition in our arms. I am prepared to do the work this time. I even am going the extra mile and doing a nutritional program for myself. The nutritionist will give me a diet plan that will toil in tandem with our daily exercises. I might need to eat more protein or less carbs, who knows. Whatever it is that the fitness experts tell me to do, I am doing it. I want to get in the best shape these days of our entire life. Then I am planning to hit the beach and get a tan. Maybe I’ll go chat up some folks there or at the local beach bars. Who knows though. There are some particularly beautiful women doing training and personal trainers.

Fitness coahing