One last trip before motherhood

When our pregnant child told us he wanted to go see some of the sites out west, all of us were a little bit surprised, and his husband seemed to be just as shocked as the rest of us because he was 7 months pregnant. She had this major desire to go out that way because he said soon he wasn’t going to have much time to do anything he wanted. She said he was going to be tied up taking care of the baby respectfully, plus he entirely needed to do this before he was officially a mother. The real deranged thing is, he insisted that they drive out west to go visit the sites he wanted to see. I had a talk with his husband plus all of us agreed this was crazy, but there would be no stopping this from happening. I told him to make sure to rent a wonderful car with plenty of space plus a quality temperature control system. I said to make sure to test the air conditioning because it gets entirely sizzling out in the West. I also said to make sure there was Heating plus Air Conditioning zone control so he could have a unusual temperature control setting on his side of the vehicle. He agreed that he would make sure to get the best car for the trip plus he would make sure he was okay every step of the way. So they got this entirely nice SUV rental plus they had a entirely wonderful time heading out west, my son-in-law kept me posted with pictures plus updates plus said the A/C was working wonderful the whole time. They had a great time plus after the trip, our child said he wanted to own that easily same SUV because it was so nice.
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