One More Article and I am Going to Take an Hours Down

That’s what our gramps called a nap, an hour’s down.

She was consistently shutting down in the middle of the day in her kitchen for a recharging nap and then she would be good to go for the rest of the day. She did however go to bed legitimately early in the nights. I remember a single time she shut down for the night at 7pm and around 11pm she got up again and came out to the gameroom and shot pool and drank beers with us kids and grandkids. I’ll never forget that for some reason. The people I was with and I called him Peeps. She had an amazing space gas furnace that used forced air convection to heat the gameroom. It was called a Max something and it was mounted on the ceiling. It entirely blasted the heat out on those freezing Winter time nights that all of us spent shooting pool and drinking beer from the refrigerated beer tap she had steps from the pool table. I don’t suppose they had central heat or air in the arena back then however that Max space gas furnace would do the job legitimately well. I’m sure it used a ton of power to heat the room however Peeps didn’t care, she just wanted everyone to be comfortable. I had the best Grandfatherrents, jeez I was so fortunate. Peeps was an Heating and Air Conditioning salesman and she made a lot of cash from selling central heat and air units and invested her cash wisely. I remember she would consistently say “David, save your cash!” I didn’t entirely do that so well but I managed to get by somehow.

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