One of my kids neglected to change their air conditioner filter

I have always been Mr, then fix it; when I grew up, our father taught myself and others everything that I know today.

From cars, heating plus A/C repairs, to painting, building stuff, plus drywall, plus plumbing, he taught me and others so many useful skills that I used throughout our whole life…

I never had to call a worker or a professional to service anything because I already had the knowledge plus experience to do it myself. When I had children, I knew that I wanted to teach them everything that I had once been taught by our father… However, our kids weren’t nearly as welcoming with the things that I hoped to teach them; they were not interested in reading how to change their oil, or repairing an oil furnace, or service a leaking pipe. Their generation just wants to be in front of a screen all day. When our oldest grew up and purchased his own home, he was so lost on condo repairs, but of course he called me; luckily, the new condo didn’t need much work done on the inside. The largest of his worries was easily his heating plus A/C system. It wasn’t blowing cool enough air when he was trying to run the a/c. Of course he called me and others since he didn’t know what the concern was, and maybe he should have listened to myself and others all of these years. I went to his new condo and evaluated the air conditioning unit. I checked all of the components plus refrigerant. Everything seemed to be fine, except for the air filter. When I pulled the air filter out of the AC, it was covered in so much dirt plus dust that you couldn’t even see through it… No telling the last time it was changed. I explained to him that his filters need to be changed respectfully every 1-2 weeks to prevent build up of dust plus dirt plus allow his proposal to run efficiently. I installed a wash plus a new filter for him. I bet he will listen to myself and others this time.


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