Online Marketing company redesigns our company logo

My grandfather started the first heating company in our town.

He was working in the coal mines for 30 years, and he needed to find something to do when the mine finally closed.

He didn’t want to retire at 45, and he only knew one thing. My grandfather started the heating company with $5 and a bicycle. My grandfather rode all over town on that bicycle. He had a set of old tools that he used to repair furnaces, boilers, and stoves. My dad joined the family business when he was a young man. Shortly after, they started working on heating equipment and air conditioners. When I was old enough to work in the shop, I started learning about heating and air conditioning repair. A few years ago, I took over as the manager of the shop. Sales were steadily declining over the past years and my dad and my grandfather thought we needed a change. They gave me total control to make any changes. The first thing I did was hire and online marketing company to help us with our internet presence. We didn’t even have a website at the time, but the online marketing company helped us remedy the situation. They redesigned our company logo and created a website that featured all of our top Services. There was even a place on the website to print out a coupon. We have received a lot of compliments on our new company logo, and the online marketing company is helping grow our online presence. Next month, we are going to start a PPC advertising campaign. I;m very excited to see those results.

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