Only for my heating

I am someone who doesn’t like wasting money on things that really arn’t needed.

This is how I mostly feel about HVAC tune ups and check ups.

However I will get my central heating and air conditioning system tuned up once a year in the winter when it comes to the heating. That seems to be the only time I have ever had any issues with my central heat and a/c unit. When it is summer time, my central air conditioning system seems to always run great with no breakdowns. I count my lucky stars for that fact. But I do not want to waste money every single season getting HVAC tune ups and check ups when in my case I do not feel they are even needed other than right before winter starts. Some people waste hundreds of dollars each year on HVAC tune ups and check ups when they really dont need them. A lot of the problem is that heating and cooling companies will scare you into believing that if you do not have an HVAC tune up and check up every single season that your central HVAC system unit will break down beyond repair and end up costing you thousands to get a brand new central heating and air conditioning system. This is not the case at all! I am living proof of that. And I can also name several other people I know that never have their central heating and air conditioning systems tuned up or checked up on! Use your own judgement. If you have any issues with your central HVAC unit, call your local HVAC professional then!

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