Only one way to help this

Let me tell you how bad the air quality is in the area I live.

It is so bad that I am constantly sneezing and coughing all over the place! The reason for it is that there are so many trees and weeds which contain allergens.

And when the wind blows it makes it even worse. I did finally find a not too expensive solution for this. I went out and bought 2 portable air purification systems. These portable air purification systems really cleaned the indoor air quality in my home from all the allergens that got in from outside. I had thought about investing in a whole home air purification system, but I did not have to do that thankfully since the portable air purification systems worked just great. If they did not, I was going to go to my bank and request the loan needed in order to put the down payment on the whole home air purification system! But again, I am so glad I did not have to do that. Whole home air purification systems are way too expensive and unless you are some rich dude, forget it! You are going to be in debt paying it off the rest of your natural born life! If I ever win the lottery or something like that I may invest in a whole home air purification system. But for now as long as I am middle class, I will just use the portable air purification systems because they work just fine and clear up all of my allergy issues from the trees and weeds all around me outside.

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