Only option is to go to a gym

I recently bought a house and I realize that I have nowhere to work out.

I had the bright idea to redo the flooring in my house. I ripped up all the old carpet and laid down cement boards. I am going room to room adding new tile floors. That means the inside of my house is a construction zone. There is dust, tools and furniture all in the way. Working out inside the house isn’t really feasible. I have a front porch that has an overhang. That should be a good place to set a folding mat down. However, I need the front porch for my tile saw, extra tile, grout and all my equipment. So there isn’t much room on the porch for me to work out. Really my only option at this point is to leave the house on a run or get a gym membership. I have looked around and the only gym is personal training one. I don’t know how I feel about doing group fitness classes or a private session with a certified fitness expert. I don’t really consider myself a girl that needs personal training. The gym only allows for workouts to be done that way though. I think I might try a group fitness class a few days a week to see if I like it. I usually enjoy deciding what I do and how I stretch. Who knows though, I might enjoy someone taking the stress out of the decision for me. It might turn out to be a thing I do everyday.


Group Fitness Training Classes