Opening up the windows

I can’t remember the last time that I slept so soundly. I don’t know if I’ve ever fallen asleep so quickly and slept so soundly through the whole entire night, and even past the sunrise in the morning! It feels incredible to be so well rested, rejuvenated, and comfortable in my own skin today. I only wish that this amazing feeling could last, but alas, I know that it is a very temporary condition. You see, last night I got to sleep with the windows early for the first time in a year. It’s a very unusual condition in these parts, because the outdoor air temperature and accompanying weather systems are very rarely comfortable or desirable for indoor air quality. Throughout the winter, we have chilly air temperatures that cause the entire house to feel freezing cold. The windows and doors let in loads of cool, dry air from all sides, and the floors are always frigid on your bare toes. The summer is much worse, however. We have approximately 9 months of summer each year, during which the outdoor air temperature soars into the 100s and the daily air humidity hovers at about 85%. There is no way you’re going to survive without running your AC for each one of those toasty days. Then you have about two weeks of delightful, glorious, heavenly Fall. For just a few days, the air temperature is ideal. The humidity falls away. The sun shimmers without burning your skin. For those couple of days, you can actually open your windows at home. This is where my amazing sleep enters the picture. For just a few days, the hum of the central HVAC system is gone, and the sounds of nature fill the house. It’s a magical time. We are wild and rested and free of artificial air… just for now.

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