Our daughter developed a level of sophistication when she started appreciating classical music

I was surprised when our daughter started listening to all kinds of classic music.

  • She has gone through many phases when it comes to music and now she just enjoys the relaxing music.

She enjoys it so much that she wanted to have her own piano. We ended up getting her a keyboard that was pretty nice with many functions including recording the music that was being played. We also got her some beginners music books so she could learn to play songs. We were stunned when she was playing far more advanced music than what was in the books we gave her. We learned that she was able to play music by ear, which was an amazing talent to have. It’s still important to learn all the notes, so we had her practice. Next thing I knew, she was asking for some sort of cooling system in her room. She was always adjusting the temperature control settings and cranking up the A/C, but she said that wasn’t even enough. She needed a window A/C unit in her room so she could adjust those temperature control settings to make her room nice and cool. She said it would help her to focus on her music playing. She did more than just played music, she ended up writing her own music when she learned all the notes. I can’t tell you how proud I am of her and I think she’s going to go somewhere with her tremendous talent. I’m glad to help her with whatever she needs on her musical journey. Of course, she might end up doing something else altogether but I’m sure she’ll be successful no matter what.
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