Our daughter has been excelling in some areas & struggling some in others

I was sad when our son’s teacher called the other day to address some kind of issue.

It was really a combination of concerns & praise.

She basically said our child is a mathematical genius. He’s evidently way ahead of the rest of her class & she says she wants to get him into more advanced work. The two of us agreed that it would be a nice method to see what she is capable of. While that was good, she also said she was having a strenuous time comprehending everything she was reading. While she was superb with numbers, the words would mix him up. This is why she would struggle with math word problems, however all the other math she handled like a champ. So the two of us decided to try to do things to make him more comfortable. The first thing I thought to do was call up the Heating & Air Conditioning supplier. The two of us ended up getting Heating & Air Conditioning zone control installed so our daughter could adjust the temperature control how she wants when she is working on her studies. This also has been tremendous for us. The two of us are saving more cash on the energy bills & the two of us are far more comfortable in our home! Our daughter has been doing even better in university & she has been improving with her reading knowledge as well. The two of us assume the a/c is helping him to focus way more on these things & the teacher agrees the really helps a lot. It seems like the two of us spoiled him by giving him her own control component in her room, however this is a nice thing for all of us.

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