Our getaway trip was a great deal of fun

My family and I went out of town for a 3-day getaway trip.

The group of us rented a pretty nice hotel room right on the bay! All of us had a superb view of the harbor and all of the ships coming in and out of the port.

Through the night, all of us were able to see the light house on the bay… My family and I were extremely excited about our weekend away, however most of the excitement was taken away when all of us saw our hotel accommodations. It was a terribly busy weekend due to a playoff game. A good amount of hotel rooms were already booked, so my family and I had to change some of our travel plans! Our regular hotel was booked solid and all of us ended up staying at the hotel next to the bay. My family and I had so much fun that weekend. All of us walked on the water and all of us met all kinds of interesting people. All of us played various games on the boardwalk and all of us ate fried Oreos and funnel cakes. The best thing of all about our trip was the hotel though. It was truly clean, spacious, and it had central heating and AC. A lot of hotels do not have central heat and AC. Most sites have a wall HVAC appliance in each individual room, however when all of us realized that our room had central HVAC capabilities, we were totally impressed. The indoor air quality was amazing and no foul odors were in the room. Our weekend away was truly something special. I would return to that location again in the future, especially if all of us had the same attractive view from the window in our room.

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