Our governor made air purifiers mandatory

Our governor made air purifiers mandatory in homes.

I thought it was ridiculous to have an air purifier in your home, but our governor made it mandatory for our state.

I got my first air purifier from a small HVAC store down the road from my house. The HVAC store was packed because everyone was trying to get their air purifier in their home. After waiting in line I finally was able to get the air purifier that I wanted. I was interested to see if this new UV light air purifier would change anything in my home. While in line, I saw some air filters for sale. I decided it wouldn’t hurt to install some air filters into my air conditioner and furnace system. After leaving the store, I went home and turned on my new air purifier. I also asked my friend, who is an HVAC technician, to come and install my new air filters into my air conditioner and furnace. While my HVAC friend was there, he inspected my heating and cooling units and told me that the air purifiers would help keep the dust and other particles from traveling though my air conditioner and furnace and getting to me. After about three weeks of having the air purifier and air filters in my home, I noticed a difference in my overall health. The UV light air purifier was killing all kinds of germs that were in the air which helped me not get sick. I was very impressed with the outcome of the air filters and air purifier.

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