Our heater is stuck in the on position

I need help because our heater is stuck in the on position and I can’t get it to turn off! I don’t know very much at all about heating and cooling systems and so when I noticed that my heating system would not turn off, I had no idea what to do.

I called up the local heating and cooling company but they were closed for the day and so I started looking online for a different way to help.

The temperatures outside are pretty cold, but the inside of my house feels like we are living near the equator. I already have all of the windows cracked, but the heating system is just running and running and so I’m wasting money as it literally flies out the window. When I looked online, I found out that a dirty furnace filter is the main reason that your furnace runs constantly. The air filter that usually captures dust, debris, and pet hair, is really important to your heating and cooling system. All of that stuff can damage your furnace if it’s allowed to get to the heat exchanger and that’s what the air filter does; it protects the furnace from all of the debris that could be getting into it. If your furnace filter is dirty then it will restrict the airflow across your heat exchanger and that causes it to overheat. I don’t know if this was the case with my furnace, because we had recently changed out our air filters. The other possible reason that the heating wouldn’t turn off, according to the information that I found online, was that the batteries in the thermostat might have been bad.

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