Our HVAC technician is very strange

Our HVAC technician is very strange, and sometimes it concerns me.

Last week, when Jarry, our HVAC technician was fixing our zone controlled heating system, he started to sing really loudly.

I asked him why he was singing so loudly, and he said it helped him fix the zone controlled heating system better because it made him in a better mood. I was kind of weird at first, but I fudged as long as he was fixing our furnace correctly, I didn’t mind him singing. The next time he came to our house, Jerry the HVAC technician started working on our central air conditioner, but we had told him that our window air conditioner was what needed fixing. I walked over to him while he was gazing at our central air conditioner and told him that our central air conditioner was in perfectly fine condition and that it was our window air conditioner that needed fixing. Jerry looked at me and started laughing obnoxiously. I let out a nervous laugh, not knowing what he was laughing at. When Jerry finally stopped laughing, I led him to where our window air conditioner was and asked him to fix it. He took it apart and started working on it. Three hours later he was finished with the window air conditioner, but he had put it back together wrong. I was so upset that our own HVAC technician could not put our window air conditioner back together. After he left, I took the window air conditioner to the heating and cooling business and they fixed it for me in only a matter of minutes. From that time one we never asked Jerry to fix our furnace or air conditioner again.

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