Our new house has a boiler as the heating system

The new house that we moved into in the fall has a boiler as the heating system.

To be perfectly honest, having a boiler system for the heating system makes me just a little bit nervous.

I’ve never had to deal with a boiler before as part of my heating system. Every other house that I’ve ever lived in had either an oil furnace or an electric furnace to provide the heating in the wintertime. When we moved in here, the landlord explained to us that we would be heating with a boiler system and I almost didn’t sign the lease because of it. I was actually afraid of having to learn how to use a new heating system. I’m not dumb or afraid of learning new things, but I feel like HVAC units are not really something that you want to mess around with. I’m the same way with gas fireplaces. Give me a wood burning fireplace any day. I am afraid of gas heating and gas fireplaces, and I guess we can put boiler units in that same category. Anything that has the potential of blowing up while I’m trying to heat my house with it is just plain scary, in my opinion. Well, the landlord told us all about the boiler and how it works, and he assured us that he’s never had any safety issues with the boiler. He also has an HVAC company come out to do heating maintenance every other month, so that made me feel a little bit better. I’m hoping that the boiler system provides nice, even heating, and I also hope that we don’t blow up in the middle of the night!


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