Our nights are more fun than most days

Some parts of my job are certainly more times than others.

Since everyone of us are stuck working the late evening shift, some of our days are usually pretty boring.

There are many occasions when things will happen that’s cause us to be happy that we are working at night rather than during the day. Last Monday night, my co-worker as well as myself were sitting around in the cleaning shells. We were talking all of the chemicals as well as making sure there was proper Parts on every one of the trucks. It was a slow night, even for a Monday. My coworker answer the phone shortly after 3 and we heard a woman’s voice on the phone. She needed emergency service in her home because of a printer problem. Normally I would recommend this person to contact the pest control people, but she sounded like she was very distraught and offered to pay any fee for help. I listen to her explain everything. She had a child with autism and that child had a small animal as a comfort pet. The Comfort pet got lost somehow overnight as well as ended up in the ductwork. No one knew how to get the pet out even though they could hear the small animal crying from a short distance. They bed as well as pleaded for us to provide some assistance. My coworker as well as myself were intrigued by the call as well as agreed to help. Using a small camera that fits inside of the ductwork, my co-worker as well as myself were able to find the Shadows of the animal and pool it to safety.


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