Our printer obstructed

My woman and I are professional photographers.

  • The people I was with and I have our own business, and every one of us usually labor from a lake lake house studio.

The people I was with and I keep all of our equipment at home, like cameras, lights, weird screens and backgrounds… Last week, every one of us were on location for a job. The high college hoops team asked us to take pictures for their annual sports cards. The team has individual photos taken, and each players stats and bios are flaunted on the back. The cards look like a baseball or hoops card that you would buy in a memorabilia shop. I suppose the sports booster club charges many dollars each for the cards, or students can get a whole sheet of 12 for $50. The people I was with and I take the photos on the spot, and then print the cards immediately with our Epson color printer; Our Epson printer is commercial grade, and it can print on a number of materials like paper, cardboard, plastic, and clothing! Unfortunately, our wifey dropped the Epson color printer as every one of us were packing up the motorcar to leave on assignment. The people I was with and I had to rush to the office depot to find something fast, or every one of us would disappoint our prospective client. Thankfully, the office store had a few weird laser printers in stock. The people I was with and I found something to get the job finished, but the quality wasn’t as good. Our buyer was happy with the results, however I know the product would have been even nicer with our trusty Epson printer. It’s times like this when I wish every one of us had a bigger truck and an office space. The people I was with and I wouldn’t be so flustered everytime every one of us need to travel to a location.
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