Our sales person wouldn't sell us the unit

A salesperson came to my door one cold evening selling portable space heaters. I had always wanted a small heater, and when I saw the portable space heater at my front door I knew I needed to buy one. The HVAC sales person had a cord that came from his HVAC word van and reached to the small portable space heater he was selling. I talked to my wife and she agreed that we would like to have a portable space heater. We purchased two portable space heaters from the HVAC technician, and then asked what else he was selling. I am not an HVAC technician but I do know alot about air conditioners and furnaces, and I wanted to know what heating and cooling equipment he was selling. He took me to his HVAC van and showed me all different kinds of heating and cooling equipment, as well as a/c repair manuals and furnace manuals. I purchased a few air filters, some coolant, a mini split air conditioner, and an a/c repair manual. When I was finally finished shopping, the HVAC technician was very happy and said that I had purchased so much heating and cooling equipment that he would have to go back to the HVAC warehouse to restock. I used the a/c manuals to fix my central air conditioner and the mini split air conditioner whenever they presented problems for me. I also loved the portable space heaters we purchased from the HVAC salesman because my wife and I both work from home and we like having the portable space heater under our desks to keep our feet warm.

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