Our service guy is particularly great at fixing Heating and A/C units

Our service guy is particularly great at fixing Heating and A/C units, and I was impressed. I heard a few downside reviews about him when I was looking at this house, and I was distraught when I called him, most of the online reviews said that he was great at his task, but there were a few downside reviews. At least, there were enough downside reviews that I became nervous. I shouldn’t have been. The central air conditioner at our lake house stopped laboring within the first month that I had been there. Since I had heard these downside reviews, I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to call the service guy much, but the central air conditioner forced our hand. I told the landlord about the central air conditioner, and the service man was at our lake house with his tools within the minute. Still, even if he was punctual, it did not necessarily mean that he was going to be great at fixing central air conditioners. However, I was pleasantly surprised when he finished fixing our central air conditioner within only a few minutes. I had a sneaking suspicion that he was better than what those reviews mentioned, but I didn’t want to make a judgment call just yet. However, I have always had this service man service our Heating and A/C units since, and he is particularly good. I almost wonder if he used to toil as an Heating and A/C professional before. I don’t suppose that I have ever seen a normal guy service an Heating and A/C equipment that swiftly.


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