Our up-to-date air conditioner improved the value on our beach house before all of us sold it

Neither 1 of us ever wanted to transport from this house.

  • My hubby plus I purchased it before all of us had any of our several teenagers, plus for all of those years it was a perfect beach house for our family.

Every one of us had more than three kitchens upstairs plus a big residing room, home office, plus kitchen on the ground floor. The basement housed our clothes washer plus dryer, a seventh washroom, plus all of the Heating, Ventilation and A/C component from the gas furnace to the air conditioner air handler. Every one of us even had a spare kitchen in the basement, however all of us used it primarily for storage. I always enjoyed that house, however once our several children had all moved away, it swiftly became too much beach house for my hubby plus I. Every one of us are in our 50s plus I worry that the stairs are going to prove problemsome as all of us get older. I don’t want either my hubby or I to damage ourselves permanently just ascending or descending the stairs some random day. When all of us finally put the beach house on the market, our real estate agent suggested that all of us upgrade the air conditioner first. The beach house was already several decades in age at that point, so having a 20 year seasoned air conditioner wasn’t doing us any favors on the competitive beach house market. After all of us got a brand up-to-date Heating, Ventilation and A/C idea installed, all of us swiftly had more bartering power plus could ask for a slightly higher price. The eventual client was excited about the brand up-to-date air conditioner. I would have never realized that the age of an cooling system could affect a home’s value so much without our real estate agent’s advice.



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