Outdoor concerts are never as good due to lack of climate control

So how do I dress for the big day.

My sister Jen and I are going on a road trip to see our favorite band play. The two of us are so excited since seeing the band is on our bucket list. I am pumped because I love the new album and my sister is always a fun person to travel with. The only downside is that we are seeing the band in an outdoor venue. I am not a fan of outdoor concerts. When you are inside there are plenty of bathrooms, good seats, beer and snacks available. Most importantly, air conditioning and heating is always plentiful. For outdoor concerts you just have to hope for good weather. The time we are going is the fall too. You never know what kind of weather you are going to get in the fall. The temperatures could be up in the 80s where the two of us are desperate for AC. But, the fall weather could take a turn and be as cold as 50. Then we will be looking for some form of heating. In an outdoor venue, they don’t provide climate control. It would be hard to get generators and hook up HVAC equipment. You are just out of luck for heating and air when you sit outside. So how do I dress for the big day. Our road trip will span a few days. Do I pack for severe cold or severe heat? I don’t know what is better, to be too hot or too cold. If the concert was indoors, I would know the HVAC had my back.

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