Package from the HVAC company

My doorbell rang, and I stopped laboring for a minute to see who was at the door.

It was still taking me some time to adjust to working from home, but I was doing okay! There was no one at the door, just a package.

I picked the package up and recognized the proper logo of the HVAC company I ordered from. I realized that this must be the smart temperature control I ordered, as I haven’t ordered anything else from the A/C supplier in awhile. I set it to the side until I was done working. When I was done working, I opened it up and marveled at the new smart temperature control. The instruction for installation seemed pretty easy, and so I got to work installing the new temperature control. When I was done, I went to turn it on and I was greeted with a blank screen! Confused, I tried again but still nothing. I looked over the instructions for anything I could have missed, but there was nothing. I thought maybe I was stupid and installed it wrong, so I called a professional HVAC specialist to install it for me, the HVAC worker said I had it installed right, and it wouldn’t turn on. It seems the smart temperature control was defective, and that I would have to return it to the A/C supplier and get a new one. On the bright side, the HVAC company was honestly apologetic and gave me credit for their store. I hope the new smart temperature control gets here soon, I was entirely looking forward to it.
Air conditioning expert