Pantry or root cellar

My daughter loves to watch scary movies.

For years, she would not go into the pantry unless I went in first.

My going into the pantry completely threw out the entire reason for sending her in for something. I had to get the thing myself, and she knew it. She told me there was a draft in my pantry and that was the sign of a ghost. I kept telling her that if I found out she had watched one more ghost movie, I was going to ground her for life. I finally had to show her where the draft was coming from. I had a small air vent that went to nowhere. The air vent was there to pull a small amount of cold air inside from the outside. My pantry was used to winter apples, potatoes and other wintering vegetable. I liked having the air vent inside and since it was well insulated with an insulated door that was between the pantry and the kitchen, the cold air did not escape. She kept refusing to go into the pantry and I had to show her the air vent that was on the outside wall, as well as the air vent that was inside. We had an air vent for the air conditioning during the summer, and the pantry was so well insulated that it didn’t need very much air conditioning to keep it cool. My husband did a really good job of building the pantry so it was more of a root cellar than a pantry during the winter and yet it held all of the fruits and vegetable during the summer.

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