Parents that don’t understand

Look, my mother and father are the lights of my life.

  • Still, they’re easily the strangest people I know! While my mom is a worrywart, she can easily become riddled with anxiety over such small and insignificant things that others would simply forget.

Dad on the other hand is by far the most relaxed old soul I’ve ever known! Practically nothing bothers him. I will say that it usually will call for something intense to get him worked up, like the thermostat being fiddled with by his wife or one of his kids! I’m telling you now, there’s just one thing known for sure—they can never come to a compromise over how warm or cool they want their house! Decades of marriage and endured struggle has not deterred them from individually changing the control component settings behind the other person’s back! Before long, they end up in these heated confrontations all because someone is perspiring while the other person is shivering! Now while my father is not the best about staying on top of changing the air filter, my mother has picked up the slack and changed the air filter for most of the last year. The 2 of them get so intensive with their heating and cooling demands, they decided to sleep in separate rooms! Just to have zone controlled thermostat inside each room, too. Although They wouldn’t be able to sleep together in the same bed now with how different their temperate requests are, they both realized that it would make each of them happier to do it this way. Whatever makes the marriage work!

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