Party was freezing cold; I left

I’ve been accused more than once in my life of being a very cold and aloof person.

  • To tell you the truth, I’m not cold or distance at all.

I am extremely emotional and attached to people. Instead of being clingy and annoying, I tend to steer myself the other direction and come across as being rude. Oftentimes, I’m just trying to protect myself from getting hurt or from embarrassing other people. Recently, this was the case when I went out on a limb and attended a party thrown by a mutual friend of my new partner. I wanted to have a good time at the party and certainly didn’t want to create any awkward situations. As such, I was pretty unhappy when I walked inside the house and found that the party had no heat. Or, it felt as if there was no heat. The indoor air was basically as cold as the winter air outside. I had worn a fancy party dress to the event and was less than thrilled about the Goosebumps covering my entire body. I tried to cover up my bare skin and warm my hands by shoving them in my armpits. I did my best to relocate around the house, looking for a warmer and less drafty place to stand. However, nothing seems to matter. The indoor air quality was just brutally cold and damp, as though the windows had been open right up until the guests arrived. I do not want to make a scene or to insult the host by asking about their Heating and Cooling settings, so I decided it was best to just remove myself from the ice cold situation. When no one was paying attention, I grabbed my coat and scooted out the back door into the cold winter air. Luckily, I didn’t notice a big difference from the inside temperature. These people might think that I’m cold, but it’s not my personality as much as my body.


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