Paying extra for service

My central heating and air conditioning system broke down last weekend and it was really bad! The weather was pretty cold outside and I was freezing my tail off.

I didn’t know what to do at first because it was a weekend and in order to get any kind of heating and air conditioning repair on a weekend you are going to pay much more than the usual weekday HVAC service call.

I thought about it for around a half an hour and then decided I had no choice but to call for emergency HVAC service because it was so darn cold outside! I called the local heating and cooling company and requested their emergency HVAC service. They quoted me the price and I nearly had a heart attack! But again, what choice did I have? I went through with it and soon after my phone call ended the local heating and air conditioning company had one of their certified heat and a/c specialists at my front door. I let the heating and cooling workman in to see what was wrong with the central heating and air conditioning system. He then checked the thermostat on the wall. Following this, he went out back to the actual heat and a/c unit. He found that the motor to the central heating and air conditioning system was broken! So this was going to be quite a pricey repair. He went back out to his HVAC truck and got a new motor which luckily he had on hand. The repair was done and I was hit with a huge bill!

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