Peak heat doesn’t have to mean peak HVAC costs

Where I live, the Winter time is the perfect season.

  • It’s the season where the un-even temperatures are great.

The Winter time brings plenty of sun and orange skies as well. And it’s a respite from the a/c. This region sees at least 8 weeks of HVAC cooling in 1 form or another. It’s not too much HVAC cooling on the shoulder seasons. But the Summer is a multiple week plus situation of HVAC cooling day and night. That’s the price we pay to live in such a wonderful region. And yet, the HVAC cooling during the Summer heat season doesn’t have to split the bank. With just a few sort of proper sense strategies, HVAC cooling costs can be mitigated. I always start the saving process with an a/c tune-up from an HVAC professional. Not only does this ensure that the HVAC device is ready for summer, it keeps the HVAC device operating at peak efficiency. From there, it’s all about keeping the apartment closed slender and stopping the direct sunlight heating. And both of those are honestly accomplished. But it’s the temperature control setting that is the key to real savings. I try to start this early in the Spring by not overreacting to the temperature rising. Getting acweather conditionsd to the heat allows 1 to assume more comfortable in a apartment that is on the warmer side. Given that we hover around triple digits during the peak heating sevenths, that often means a temperature control setting in the low 72’s during the day. However, that also means certainly significant savings on the HVAC cooling bill as well.


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