Perfect gift for dad

My father is literally the hardest dude to buy a present for. Every year on his birthday I struggle to come up with something. He is a farmer that likes to hunt. He has every tool, weapon and gadget known to man. I have bought him so many clothes and all food related items. Tickets don’t really make him happy and he hates traveling. I recently was online looking at popular gift ideas. I stumbled across a golden idea for him. There are now vape watches for smokers. You don’t need to carry cigarettes, a vape or pods anymore to get nicotine in your system. The smoker simply uses their watch that contains a nicotine pod in it. You turn the watch, take a piece off and can smoke right into the side of it. A lot of people love it since they don’t have to carry it around their neck or in a bag. It is also very discreet and doesn’t get taken from them at major venues. A lot of people turn their nose up at vaping tools though. A vape pen gets a lot of bad stares. A vape watch totally looks like the real deal! I was expecting a really high price tag for something so new and cool. A vape watch is under $40 bucks though! I can’t wait to buy one for my father. I think this might be the first time I have gotten him a gift that he will enjoy. He is a religious smoker but always losing his stuff. The watch is cool too.

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