Personal training and nutritional counseling for competitive cheerleading

I coach a competitive cheerleading squad.

  • Some years I have a winning team and some not.

The girls come in with a wide range of talent and I work with them to give us the best possible result. As the years go on I realized I was working with a large hurtle. The girls coming to me were out of shape and with horrible diets. Anytime we had practice the girls were munching on popcorn, chips and pretzels on breaks. I knew they all ate fast food and drank pop at home. They also were not able to keep up with my dance routines and the stunts I had planned. The girls had no strength for stunting and no cardio for the entire routine. I finally decided that enough was enough and I worked with a body and health center. They gave us a discount on nutritional counseling and personal training for the girls. Two days a week the girls work with a trainer and get exercises. They do a lot of cardio and weight lifting to get them in shape for the stunts and routines. They also meet once a week for nutritional counseling. The girls were given a diet plan based on their height, weight and age. The counselor talks to them once a week to see how they are sticking to it. The girls feel more comfortable talking to a professional and I like focusing only on the sport. We have really seen progress as a team. The girls are more in shape and much happier.

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