Personality Disorders

I once visited a psychiatrist to seek help on a personal issue.

I found no solution there, but I did learn about several personality disorders.

There’s the suspicious paranoid personality. Another is the avoidant personality where people believe they are flawed and inferior. Narcissists are traumatized if they encounter situations that expose their normal, human limitations. After visiting the “shrink” I had a beer at my favorite bar. Bartenders often function as mental health therapists, so it was no surprise that Phil, my bartender, nailed it when he assessed my disorder as borderline personality disorder. This means that I view the world as “all or nothing”, or “black or white” with no shades of grey. If my favorite football team fails to win the Super Bowl, then I brand them as losers. If my boss offers criticism of my work, I’m likely to turn in my resignation. I even got jealous of my wife when she planned our church’s Christmas service. I was sure she no longer loved me and was planning to elope with our 75-year-old pastor. The only time my borderline personality disorder is an advantage is with my HVAC unit. It either works or it does not work. If it works, then everything is fine, and we remain comfortable all year round. If my HVAC doesn’t work, we enter a new “black or white” phase; Can it be fixed or not? For that, I call my HVAC professional for an assessment as to how the costs of a new HVAC system stacks up against present and future maintenance on our old HVAC unit. At this point, it becomes one of those 50 shades of grey, so I let my wife take over. After all, she read the book and saw the movie.

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