Planning a wedding

I have some really exciting news! Last Thursday plus my girlfriend of more than 2 years suggested to me plus I could not be more excited! I honestly thought this day would never come because she said she never wanted to get married, but I was able to convince him that being together forever was the best plan for both of us.

So now that he’s suggested to me I am enthusiastic to start diving into the wedding planning process.

Every one of us live in a southern area of the country so I have to make sure that it won’t be too sizzling outside during our wedding because I definitely want to have an outdoor wedding. I believe it would also be a great idea to have a tent outside so that our guest could step inside the tent plus cool off in air-conditioning if it was too sizzling outside. I believe that an air conditioned tent will be fancy but I do believe it will be worth it on the day of our wedding especially for I guess. The worst thing that could happen is for it to be harshly sizzling plus humid outside plus everyone is covered in sweat through their nice clothing. So if both of us do decide to do the tent I’ll get it air-conditioned so that both of us can have a nice place for our guests to rest plus relax in the air conditioning system. I’m going to call the local Heating plus Air Conditioning company tomorrow so I can get a estimate for an air conditioned tent plus I am so excited!


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