Plantar fasciitis hinders work out, going personal training route

When I was a young woman I had no money for basic things.

I had to buy clearance bin sneakers and was not able to change them for years.

I wanted to be in shape and all I knew how to do was run. I ran in worn out, old sneakers for years. Combine this with my naturally high arches and I developed plantar fasciitis. My whole foot aches right up to the Achilles tendon. Sometimes I can’t even have someone touch my foot it hurts so bad. For a long time I thought I would never be able to work out normal again. I could do pushups and crunches, but anything on my feet hurt. In my desperation I decided to seek out a personal training gym. I now had the financial means and I wanted to get in shape. The personal training deals with people with injuries all the time. I was part of a wellness and body recovery program. My trainer put me in a group of people that all suffered from injuries. Some were sports related, accident related or just like me that old age developed it. We did the whole group exercises and also one and one material. My feet have never felt so good. I get exercises that actually help my feet and other ones that don’t hurt it. I also have taken proactive measures like taking advil, icing and better shoes to keep my feet happy. I have never been so thin and felt so healthy. I now am able to do personal training that is not a part of body wellness.


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