Pool construction was worth every penny

My boyfriend and I bought a house with a pool because swimming is something both of us love.

I figured the house came with a workable pool.

After the two of us moved in it became clear that the pool needed some love. The water was green and the bottom was in shambles. The pavers around the pool were a mess and there was nowhere to sit by it. I thought I would do updates to the inside of the house. After seeing the condition of the pool, I actually decided to pay a pool construction company. The construction contractor was great at explaining all the work that needed to be done and was upfront about the pricing. I needed to get the pool drained, the bottom refinished, the pavers ripped out and replaced and also a cement pad poured. The general contractor printed out a spreadsheet of all the costs, materials and a timeline for each project. It was amazing at how professional he was. I realized that I actually hired a company that does commercial construction as well. They do commercial sports facilities, athletic field construction and restaurant construction too. I just lucked out that they also are willing to fix up pool areas. If they cost a little more than a general contractor, it was worth every penny. The construction crew was efficient and completed the job as well as I expected. My pool looks amazing now! The water is crystal clear, the pavers are snow white and I have a nice shaded area to have a chair.


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