Portable air conditioners are cool

Honestly, I know that portable air conditioners are kind of cool.

When I was younger, I never even knew that portable air conditioners were a thing… The only kind of air conditioners that I knew about was central air conditioners plus window air conditioners, then although central air conditioners were much better, all of us only had window air conditioners at our house.

My parents could never afford a central air conditioner, however all of us did have a window air conditioner in the residing room. The one problem with window air conditioners was the fact that all of us could not have cool air in every room in the house. In the residing room, the air conditioner was running, plus it was easily frigid. However, whenever I walked into our home office, there was no air conditioner, plus there was no cool air. Honestly, occasionally I wished that I could grab the window air conditioner plus carry it to our room, then neither the central air conditioner nor the window air conditioner was portable, however the central air conditioner didn’t need to be. However, I discovered while in our adulthood that there was a third option. If you could not afford a central air conditioner however you still wanted to cool more than your room in your house, you could purchase a portable air conditioner. This air conditioner would allow you to cool numerous rooms in your house because the air conditioner was on wheels. You would still need to run a vent outside of your window for the air conditioner, however it was easily a neat little device. Still, I would rather have a central air conditioner.

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