Pregnant ladies get all the HVAC comfort they want

The coming months will deliver our first child.

This will be a kid that has been long sought after but, one that had to wait a while longer than we had hoped. There were a lot of things my wife and I wanted to accomplish prior to becoming parents. Mostly, it was all stuff concerning our respective careers. We wanted that HVAC perfect house and all the other stuff. There was just a lot to get done. Then, once we were in a pretty secure situation, we started planning our first shot at bringing a child to the world. Well, those plans all sort of went up in smoke as my wife got pregnant only two weeks after we started trying. We were certain that after all those years of birth control, it would take at least 3 or 4 months to get pregnant. While we are thankful for the pregnancy, that means she will now be hugely pregnant during the worst part of the summer. Where we live, the heat can just be unrelenting for at least 4 months in a row. Now, that we were pregnant so much earlier than we planned, my wife was going to have to struggle through the summer heat. This fact was not met with a great deal of happiness from either of us. Then, my wife started having some trouble with her first pregnancy. While it was life threatening for either mother or child, it still required her to get in bed for at least the remaining nearly 3 months of the pregnancy. So, I put in a smart thermostat so she would have the app on her phone. This way she didn’t have to get out of bed to set the thermostat.

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