Printing Services At the Museum

When I began working for the museum of natural history, I never thought that I would be doing the job I am doing.

  • Shortly after I began my job, I was given the job of doing the signage and graphics for the museum.

I don’t know they thought I should be in charge of the printing technology for the museum, but I am really glad they did. I had no idea that a museum could need so much printing, but I had to take charge of a lot of different things. This past year, I ended up putting tons of research into a new project. It took a lot of time to find out which plotter and thermal transfer printer I wanted. Finally, I made the decision to go with the EDGE FX Thermal Transfer Printer. With the thermal transfer printer, I am able to create many different kinds of item for the museum. The EDGE FX Thermal Transfer Printer gives me the ability to make all kinds of graphics and signage for the museum gift shop and the small restaurant. I’ll also be able to change the exhibits and displays, in my office. I am really excited to have the possessor of a thermal transfer activity printer. This business has made the printer easy to use with their OMEGA software since it is made usable even for the non professional. After seeing all that I can create with the Thermal Transfer Activity Printer with OMEGA software, they will see that they have made an amazing investment for my use and for the museum.

Signs and graphics