Pros of a heat pump

A heat pump system is so overpriced, even though I want it badly.

A heat pump provides both heating and cooling in a single unit.

That is just so handy! Anytime you call for a Heating and A/C tune up, both devices are getting cleaned, oiled and tightened, you only have a single component to worry about repairs on as well. A heat pump system provides heating and cooling in an energy smart and scrub way. Rather than burning fuel like oil furnaces do, a heat pump finds the heated air outside and pumps it into the home. You are introducing cleaner, fresher outdoor air. You also aren’t paying for fuel and significantly lowering your heating costs. Operating a oil furnace for a few months suddenly pays back itself. You save so much energy each month that it is worth it. The cooling feature does the reverse effect. All the hot air that is inside your house simply gets pushed out. Easy and easy! A heat pump also can be ductless. That means you can have zone control in the house. Every room gets an indoor air handler and thermostat. You then can control the amount of heating and air in each room. The bedroom can have AC but not affect the living room heating. It is smart to not give Heating and A/C for unused rooms. It is convenient to be able to adjust Heating and A/C with how the sun moves throughout the day. Everyone is cheerful with this setup. The cost of the heat pump is so much that it scares me a bit. I will get it someday.


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