Puppy is too hot

The two of us are in one of the craziest times in our lifetime as this pandemic runs its course in our country plus across the globe.

I am someone who has always wanted to get a dog, but it never felt enjoy the right time.

When I found out I would be laboring from home for more than five months, I figured there was never a better time. As the summer time months have hit, our puppy has proven to don’t like the heat. The two of us can only get her to go outside during the morning or night hours when the sunshine is not out. The rest of the morning she spends flopped in front of the air conditioner. When the two of us first got here, the two of us only had one unit, but the two of us legitimately ended up investing in another one to help keep the home cool. This one is a standing air conditioner that connects to the outside air through a window. It is much higher powered plus even has a dehumidifier linkment. The two of us pretty much have our numerous a/c units running all morning plus every morning. The temperature has been in the 90s for the last numerous weeks, plus the two of us live on the seventh floor, so separate from the a/c, it would be unbearably hot. I appreciate our current puppy, but running the a/c this much has driven up our electricity bill quite a bit! I want nothing more than for our current puppy to be comfortable in our home, but it’s costing myself and others a pretty penny! With the heat this high, I can’t even turn off the air conditioners overnight or else the locale gets so hot. I appreciate the boiling weather, but I am looking forward to the fall when the temperature drops a fantastic twenty degrees so that the two of us can just open the window instead of blasting the a/c all morning plus night!


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