Pushing my body too far

I keep very physically active.

I exercise every day, devoting about sixty minutes on a mix of stretching, strength training and high impact aerobics.

I always push myself rather hard, striving to not only maintain but elevate my level of fitness. I workout even if I am not feeling good. I allow a sleepless night and waking up tired stop me from exercising. I’ve learned that I can often eliminate a headache through high intensity cardio. However, I’ve sometimes exercised with a high fever and congestion and worsened my symptoms. I’ve worked out when I’ve been recovering from injuries and increased pain and problems. I just don’t want to skip a workout or be sedentary. The worst injury I’ve suffered was pulling my psoas muscle. That is a large and important muscle that wraps from the butt to the thigh and extends down to the knee. I’ve never endured such intense pain in my whole life. It was agony to sit, lie down, stand or walk. It was impossible to sleep or manage the stairs. I missed a lot of work. I was able to lift weights, but it wasn’t possible to perform any type of lower body workout. I should have rested the leg for much longer than I did. As soon as I was able to limp around, I attempted running and set back my recovery by quite a bit. I continued pushing myself too soon and too hard. Because of this, I’d be right back to icing the muscle and dealing with the pain again.