Putting in a humidifier

When I was in grade school, the people I was with and I had this awesome professor that used to be a vocal coach and talented singer, then she was sweet as could be, and legitimately knew how to make sure the people I was with and I all had every tool to succeed; One of the best things she ever taught us is still with myself and others this week, and it’s pretty easy to follow: Anything can be sang with a melody! To this afternoon, I use that trick for everything, even when I’m just trying to remember to take care of a chore around the house. Once, I made a song in my head all about getting our home’s heating and air conditioner equipment checked up, as we’d gone various weeks without a visit from the local and friendly HVAC repair worker and it was due time for a visit, then every one of us were trying to cut costs on our budget this week due to some unexpected bills, so I figured I’d learn how to inspect HVAC systems and make minor repairs as legitimately needed… Using my seasoned professors’ trick, I was able to learn how to open the outdoor air condenser equipment and inspect it all the way for destructions and leaks; I also l earned how to open up the firebox in our home’s furnace, and check the burners to make sure they were entirely clean. Finally, the most important part of all, I remembered to change the air filter for the heating and air conditioner unit! Many of the problems that arise with heating and cooling systems originate with an air filter that hasn’t been updated in weeks or sometimes even years. It’s important to make sure that air filter is changed out consistently!

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