Putting more effort into home care.

I never thought that I would be the type of guy who was a good homeowner, to be completely honest with you, I usually neglect my exterior environment pretty often, and I am a lot more distraught with all of the mess that has going on inside than in my surroundings most of the time. As such, it’s too easy for me to turn a blind eye to messes in my condo and ongoing issues with my maintenance services. I can’t pretend that I have my oil changed every 3000 miles. I can’t tell you the last time my gutters were cleaned. But recently, I have surprised myself when I have gotten big boxes of air filters in the mail and remembered that I was the one who ordered the air filters. It’s absolutely out of character for me to be concerned about taking care of my heating, cooling, and air quality control device the way that I have been. I guess everything changes quickly when you are suddenly tested with life changing allergies. Essentially, it turns out that I can’t have mold, dander, or dust in my indoor air if I expect to breathe and to live like a human being, and since I started seeing an allergy specialist I have been in contact with the heating, cooling, and air quality control supplier down the street every few weeks. They recommended upgrading my air filters to HEPA air filters, so now, I am buying my air filters in bulk and finally remembering to perform the routine air filter swaps, too! Maybe this is the first step in a life of regular service and care.



Cooling technician